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The Lord has used Tim Keller once again in my life. I was watching him on video a few years ago when he said “God loves the city”. So I sought to find out what that meant. The Lord used it to shape my vision for church planting and missions.

This of course does not mean that we can not start from downstream going upstream. But this really was an answer to prayer as I sought the Lord on  the where and the how questions of church planting.

University missions is another burden the Lord gave me. The best way to flesh it out was by planting churches in the cities where these universities are based.

Once again I quote Tim Keller. This thoughts summarise my vision and burden for ministry for the glory of God:

Cities are where churches can reach the next generation (young adults want to live in the city); reach more unreachable people (people are far more open to the Gospel in the cosmopolitan city than in their hometown); reach people who have a big impact on the world (filmmakers, authors and businessmen); and reach the poor (about one-third of city dwellers live in shanty towns).”

“The people are moving into the cities faster than the church is,” Keller emphasized. “If you love what God loves then you will love the cities. If you want to go where the people are you got to go into the cities.”