It was the mid-morning of 31st May 2017 when the President of Kenya flagged off the first standard gauge railway passenger train (SGR). The SGR stands out as the largest infrastructure project in East Africa since independence. The country was full of excitement at the dawn of this new era. What the SGR is going to mean for this economy is unprecedented. The SGR is poised to create tens of thousands of jobs. The cost of transporting goods in the region will be reduced by almost 60 percent. The train will be moving at an average of 100kph hence less time of travel while carrying approximately 1200 passengers per trip. One could go on and on about what this means for Kenya and the entire region.

But my excitement this week is of a totally different kind. The launch I will be talking about will not be greeted by the pomp and fanfare of the SGR. When the Apostles and disciples in the early church were gathered they had not fully grasped the command and promise our risen Savior had given them that He would be with them to the ends of the world as they took the gospel message to every city and village. Twenty eight chapters later, missionary journeys, deaths and persecutions the message of repentance and forgiveness through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ was turning the world upside down.

Tomorrow, 4th June 2017, I am more than privileged to be part of the core group launching the Gracepoint Church Kikuyu. As I think of the gospel ministry with all its challenges the words of the apostle Paul ring true “For I am not ashamed of the Gospel, for it is the power of God unto salvation…” (Rom 1:16).

I therefore invite you to the launch but more so to be part of sinners saved by grace who seek to share the love and grace they have received from Christ. Gracepoint Church, I know I can speak for the leaders, seeks to make disciples for God’s glory by preaching a Christ-centered message. I pray that many will experience the abundant grace of God. I pray that as the Lord is pleased to bring many through the doors of this new and fledgling church the gospel of grace will be their turning point. But also for the rest of us may the gospel of grace, indeed Christ himself, be our only point of reference, our glory and our life.