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More than 2000 years ago Jesus Christ commanded his disciples to go out into all the world and make disciples. With transformed lives, the scriptures and dependence on the Holy Spirit they willingly obeyed their Lord and Savior. These men planted great churches in their known world. These men turned the world upside down.

Therefore, it is not churches that Kenya lacks. It is the dire lack of churches that practice expositional preaching, meaningful membership, biblical conversions and growth, and so forth. The need for these kinds of churches is conspicuous.  Moreover, the need for churches that hold to biblical philosophies for ministry is growing by the day.

We need men who love Christ. Men who believe in the authority and sufficiency of the Scriptures. It is when men like these are trained and sent out in their droves to plant Bible-believing and Christ-exalting churches that we will see the kingdom of God expanding in the salvation of men and the discipling of his sheep. Then and only then will we be able to stem the soaring tide of the prosperity gospel and other cultic groups that masquerade as Christianity.

This Sunday the 14th of January 2018 at 10 am Redeemer Bible Church Karen opens its doors (; Facebook: Redeemer Bible Church;RBC Poster ). In the background lots of prayers, lots of planning, and lots of volunteers. Trusting that in all these the Lord would be pleased to use this church to bring many from the kingdom of self, the kingdom of darkness to the marvelous kingdom of Christ. As a church we shall not only seek to faithfully proclaim His Word and worship Him passionately but also seek to understand and live out the life-changing power of the Gospel.

We are not sufficient for these things. We are not the silver bullet. May God grant RBC abundant grace to faithfully point people to him who loved us and gave his precious life and is now risen and on the right hand of our Father. A we march forth the words of our dear Lord continue to reverberate: “surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age” And with these powerful words we joyfully entrust ourselves to Him and to his cause and count it a privilege. Why don’t you come and join us as we worship our King and Redeemer!


This was my first time to fellowship with reformed brethren at that level (I am from an Independent Baptist background). I came out of there challenged, rebuked and encouraged by God’s Word and the people He was using that week. The fellowship was so nice you could feel the atmosphere of God’s people who love one another. I came back to Kitwe and I felt like I had been away for so long. That tells you how much I enjoyed my self there. I could tell that a lot of prayers and organization had taken place. From the registration table to the sessions, everyone seemed to know what they were doing. I could also see that those who were serving us were there when we needed them. 

Three things stood out. Firstly, the singing was awesome. Every word blessed my heart. Everyone was singing with a lot of enthusiasm and conviction. That we need to sing to our God well was evidenced. Secondly, the fellowship with the brethren left an indelible mark in my heart. Everyone seemed to have time for everyone. Lastly, the emphasis on missions totally made my day. This was my first time in my entire life to be in a midst of indigenous people who not only love and plan for missions but who actually do it. The amazing thing was that the theme of the conference was not missions. But the brethren could not help but just talk and exhort one another on taking the Gospel to the World. 

As one preparing for the ministry, my time there helped me to rethink missions. It is very easy for a church to live for itself. To pamper it self and furnish itself. While people are perishing out there who have not heard the Gospel or have been carried away by false doctrines. I saw a people who have been equipped for the ministry (Eph. 4:12) and are pouring out their lives and resources for Christ. There was a wonderful blend of old and young Christians serving the Lord with gladness. In my heart I thought “what a wonderful way of preparing the next generation for the glory of God.”

The history of how the conference began 20yrs ago really built my heart and I knew that there was hope for our country as well. The conference also taught me something else: pastoral theology. Listening to the speakers and how they work it out was such a great blessing. And what encouraged me most was that these were not speakers from U.K. or the West. That our own are doing the work on our own land brought great hope as my heart bleeds for Kenya. I think I received more than I expected or deserved.

May be one week is not enough to objectively evaluate something. But if this is what goes on there, then there is reason to thank God and everyone who was involved. The desire to be part of the conference again remained in my heart. Glory to God for using the conference in such a big way in my life. He indeed knew that I needed this at such a time as this.

We have a lot to learn from this Annual Family Reformed Conference in Zambia. I pray that Kenya will make atleast the first step of faith towards the many things God has allowed the Reformed baptist churches here to accomplish for the sake of His name.

One would not read the Bible and fail to immediately observe the concern that God has for the spiritual welfare of the next generation. God places this burden on the current generation with the responsibility of fulfilling it for His glory(this thought is still under construction!!)