this has been a very interesting day. a few things have made me angry. they may not flow logically but i will just state them. Luke 10:1-2 was the passage God used to call me into ministry. I was challenged today when it was being shared and the Lord rebuked me becoz I have not been praying the Lord of the harvest to send laborers.

Our churches are too too weak, they know nothing about missions they barely give anything for missions. it is sad when I see our churches having big magnificent churches costing millions and yet they support zero towards missions. are we really doing God’s work, or are we just building ourselves fortresses. i think the best word to describe our churches is that they have become “barren” we are no longer going out to make disciples we no longer have a burden for the lost.

Let me tell you the other sad scenario. MInistry or mission work has nowadays been stepped and sput on. Your barely hear that people are been called to ministry. It is like God gave gifts to the church(baptist) in the 1900’s but He was hit with recession and by the recent credit crunch therefore he doesn’t have any more. Ministry has been put in the same level with nursing, IT, supplies and management so that you know pick the one that will bring you more money. If a local church is not seeing its people being called into ministry, then there is a big problem. Young people have been consumed into the “make-it-in-life” world philosphy. We are sadly turning charismatic in our view of materials. you find a young person struggling in life. He keeps seeking God and serving Him faithfully then when he gets a job or promotion, the picture that is painted is quite unbiblical. That now God has rewarded him with a job or materials because he has been faithful and has been seeking him. I am very aware that we have a material body and it needs material things. But is that the sole reason we exist for, is that the ultimate point that God brings us to when He is hapy with us. I think we seriously need to re-examine ourselves and make sure that we are not getting soaked up into the world system and still think that God is happy with us.

Well, these are just a few a random thoughts. You are welcome to expand them and share you thoughts as well.

For Christ.