You are welcome to post quotes that you think are edifying.

“The crucial issue, of course, is not whether one is “progressive” or not, or a
“traditionalist” or not: one could be a progressive in a good or a bad sense, and a
traditionalist in a good or a bad sense. Such labels, by themselves, are frequently
manipulative and rarely add much clarity to complex matters. The real issue is
whether or not one is holding to the apostolic Gospel, whether or not one is continuing in the teaching of Christ. That is the perennial test” D.A. Carson

Our generation desperately needs to connect praise with righteousness,worship with obedience, and the Lord’s response with a clean heart – Carson.

“People long to be part of a story bigger than their personal
story, but which is able to incorporate and add meaning to their
individual experiences.”

I think a christian’s foretaste of heaven influences their relationship with their surroundings – M